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Geneva Trend Following Insights: Still Ignored

Feedback in:

Hello Michael, Warm greetings here from Switzerland! I thought I would give you some feedback from a conference I attended last week in Geneva: The Opal European Wealth and Family Office Conference. It reminded me again of how much work we need to do to spread the logic of basic trend following amongst this group. The three-day conference was very much focused on issues of feeling, judgements and nothing short of predictions about asset classes, which countries they should be investing in and the general direction of the market. It is genuinely frustrating to find that trend following is still confined to and seen as a specialized CTA strategy, one of many others. Thankfully, there was a short section (discussed in a separate boardroom) about CTAs and their role in a portfolio, and it would appear that there was a greater deal of acceptance of trend following amongst this group. I also cannot help but feel that even though we are all in the same industry, actual fund managers and those who allocate assets (and therefore judge and analyze us) are in fact very far removed from one another. Michael, we are in the process of building our business and diversifying beyond our own single strategy fund. We have planned for some time to create a fund-of-fund of esteemed peers: the qualification simply being systematic trend followers who we respect from both a quantitative and qualitative point of view. As you know, there are some fancy software and websites which allow you to do quantitative analysis on these. However, we kindly want to ask your opinion and suggestions on the handful of funds here in Europe and the UK which you in your experience find to fit well with your idea of systematic trend followers (regardless of trading instruments, asset class or such variables such as AUM). Of course, there are people like [name] and the like, but preferably ones that are not as well-known as the more famous ones. We will treat your suggestions with confidence and will not hold you responsible for your suggestions; they will simply provide an interesting angle from which to begin our analysis, from somebody whose opinion we hold in high regard. Thank you so much and all the best to you Michael. PS: Thank you for the many updates on both your blog and Facebook. Sometimes you are the only reason for going onto Facebook!

Thanks for the insights and feedback!

I am an open book, however. My experience with assorted managers (by name) is across my websites, 4 books, film and podcast episodes.

It’s all transparent.

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