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“I am writing to you to say, YES! Someone can be taught from zero experience…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I came across your work around 3-4 months ago, I don’t remember how but I’m glad I did. I’ve gone back and listened to many of your podcasts and in one of them you spoke about the ability or wondered if someone could be taught to become a Trend Follower with no market experience.

I don’t remember it exactly, however I felt it described me perfectly. For the last 2.5 years I have worked in Foreign Exchange as an Account Manager in Australia. A person who already worked their took me under their wing and has taught me about trading over the past 18 months. He has been a trader for 17 years and trades Currencies, Stocks (Options), Commodities and uses the same strategy regardless of the instrument.

At the time I did not know, however they are a trend follower so from day 1, that’s what I have also been taught…. and when I look at things now I don’t understand why everyone isn’t a trend follower (music to your ears) as it makes 100% complete sense to me.

I guess I am writing to you to say, YES! Someone can be taught from zero experience in the financial markets to become and be taught to be a trend follower. The firs thing my mentor told me to do was read Jesse Livermore’s books which I have done. Over the past 18 months, I have read those books, found new mentors (yourself included) joined Twitter to follow you guys and paper traded for 12 months.

I’m not a rash, spur of the moment guy, and I think that’s why Trend Following appeals to me, I’ve read and listened to many many people considered to be successful traders in this area and really taken my time to understand and learn about the markets and more importantly how to be a successful trader/trend follower.

I just wanted to reach out and say YES, from an absolute novice with no experience you can be taught to be a trend follower, and I think it’s the only way to trade! Your book has been ordered from Amazon (New Version) along with TurtleTrader, Market Wizards and Trading in the Zone to accompany my 3 Livermore books and my wall of mentors:

Jesse Livermore
Michael Brown (work colleague)
Michael Covel
LMT978 – Larry
Stephen Burns
Rayner Teo

A few others, however I’ve come across these guys from your site and interviews (thank you).

I look forward to becoming an extremely successful trader and one day would love to be interviewed for you audience as a very successful trader that no-one had heard of!


Thanks for the nice words!

Trend Following Resources for New Traders

Feedback in:

Hello Mr. Covel,

Having passed the CPA exam last year, I subscribed to the Wall Street Journal and found your podcast recently. As instructed on your podcast, I am emailing you because I would love any material for new investors that could help me grow and develop past the buy and hold phase I am currently in and learn to become a capable, active investor.

Love the podcast and appreciate your passion and content.


Starting steps: right here.

Learning the Hard Way… But At Least Learning!

Brazilian feedback in:

Hello, Michael, My name is [Name], I’m Brazilian 51 years old, married for 22 years, and father of five children, two graduates, one studies power engineering and two still in school. At the beginning of my 20’s, I worked for a few years with computer programming. After this, I worked in real estate for several more years, then graduated in law and worked in the consulting business area for a decade. Finally, in the last five years I worked as a branch manager of the largest Brazilian company in the field of power generators. All my jobs could be considered very good (at last, I was earning an annual salary around US$60,000, far above the national average), but did not bring me real personal achievement.

For almost the last two years, I´ve been doing operations in the financial market of Brazil, parallel to my work in power generating company, especially in operations analyzed at night, at home, after my work schedule. I read the Brazilian edition of your book TREND FOLLOWING, earlier this year, almost without stopping! I found it wonderful, but I confess that I could not understand a good deal because I still understood very little about the market… Anyway, I found something in the book that somehow I sought in all my life. Excited by I found on your book, I read some other books and searched for articles and lessons on internet about the market, technical analysis, gold, options etc. But all I found seemed almost fake, systems and techniques that only one quantum physics expert could understand! I think a good system operations should have basic and easy to understand premises, related almost exclusively to the price of assets, and be composed primarily of clear parameters of investment allocation, entry criteria and exit points in case of negative results.

I left my job in the company of power generators four months ago, and my intention was to work exclusively with financial market operations. Although most of my operations made over time, including stocks, options and futures, have generated profit, losses in a few operations exceeded all gain I got.

I´m reading your book for the third time, and this time I can understand everything (I guess!), and it all makes sense. I now realize that I made the elementary mistake of wanting to win first and then learn how to win. I lost a lot of money in senseless operations, some made without the minimum knowledge required and, worst of all, without a risk management system with clear exit points, to limit my losses. I paid a high price, but I think I could learn some important things about the market in this time. I read in your book that Ed Seykota says that “everyone gets what he wants in the market”. Perhaps, what I needed was to know better and to test my strengths (logical-mathematical reasoning, systemic view, willingness to learn) and my weaknesses too (impulsive, lack of discipline, stubbornness).

I need to look for new job. (As I said before, I have five children, and three of them have not yet completed their studies!) I´m going to live with my son who is in the engineering college, in a small town, where the cost of living is much lower. I might study for a public job competition. I am still not sure what I’ll do. I spent almost all my savings [over US$ (number)] in this initial stage full of errors but also of valuable learning. Meanwhile, I´ll start again with the equivalent of just US$ (number). I can say that the challenge of learning how to operate successfully in the market became the biggest goal of my life.

Anyway, I want to thank you for all that your book gave me. Certainly, you did not write because you wanted to show how much you know, but because you want to share with others what you have learned. Thank you so much. Let me ask you not to forget me. I’ll have good news soon. Please, receive my most sincere thanks and cordial greetings,



Note: Many of my clients are Brazilian based.

Brazil Feedback
Brazil Feedback

The Little Book of Trading Helps Out

Feedback in:

Hey Michael, shout out from the Great North. I’ll keep it short, I know your a busy guy. Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts to continuously put out quality content on your podcasts for free. Your Little Book changed my life man. I devoured it within what seemed like minutes, following many hard to read technical analysis books. Drowning in books, having the belief trading had to be an extremely complicated venture [was killing me]. Your influence gave me the AHA moment many times over again. I left you what I believe to be be a stellar 5 star review on iTunes. I don’t know if you are still sending out signed copies of material, would be cool though. I ordered Trend Commandments today on Amazon. I will be reading it shortly. Thanks again.


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