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Snoop Dogg vs. Trend Following Radio

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

Still haven’t been able to get my daughter to let go of Snoop Dogg and attack your podcasts with a passion, but hope does spring eternal. Somehow I will prevail! It never ceases to amaze me though at how ahead of there time Rich and Bill were back in the 70s. Not to mention Richard Donchian before them, and last but not least, Jesse Livermore way before them!

The more things change,the more they stay the same! Keep up the great SERVICE you provide to the enlightened few and may health, happiness and success continue to be with you.


Thank you.

“Everytime I listen to your Trend Following Manifesto podcasts it’s like a Yoga breathing exercise for my brain and my thought process.”

Feedback in:

Michael, Thank you for what you do. Evey time I listen to your Trend Following Manifesto podcasts it’s like a Yoga breathing exercise for my brain and my thought process. After a week long of being bombarded and being brainwashed by large number of ads and by people who are wearing masks, listening to you in these pod cast centers me every time as if I am doing Yoga. You straight forward and presentation without hiding anything or being ashamed of who you are reflect my optimism and reality for sanity in this day and age. Einstein said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well you are definitely teaching that lesson to people. Whether it’s an episode or an interview, you’re doing a great job at being an example for others to not hide and be real, speak the truth, and figure out what’s really going on in their brain. People who listen to you just need to be a little bit open minded and the truth shines through. There is a right and wrong, no doubt about it but whether people agree or disagree with what you say the way you go about presenting your data, using actual facts and data is something to aspire for.
Thank you, Altan
A trend follower researching a system with a long term edge.

Thanks Altan!

“The podcasts help…to inspire, educate and reinvigorate my ‘animal spirits’ as I ride the bucking bronco each and every day.”

Feedback in:

Michael: I wanted to reiterate my ongoing appreciation for your passionate pursuit of trend following. The podcasts help a great deal and they serve to inspire, educate and reinvigorate my “animal spirits” as I ride the bucking bronco each and every day.

Recognizing a free market is not a free lunch, and that your generous and copious free content must be supported, I bought kindle versions of Trend Commandments and The Little Book during the past month. They occupy space with Reminiscences of a Stock Operator*, The Capitalist Spirit by Yale Hirsch and Morales & Kacher’s book Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple. (*The Jon Markman version is a great edition of this trading classic, offering deep historical context throughout the entire book.)

In fact, the very first kindle book I purchased was a new edition of Trend Following, putting the “smart” into my smart phone. 🙂

Whenever new editions come out, of course, they will be purchased.

It all began with email back in 2003 or so. That first tuition seemed “pricey” but I have made (and lost and made) multiples of that over time. The real tuition was the time spent putting the lessons into practice.

Thank you again for the spark, for I shall keep the fire burning bright and hot.



Thanks Edward!

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