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Trend Following Consulting & Training Options

A recent interchange:

[Name]: Hello, how are you? I have a question about investing in trend following strategies. I am saving up a bit of money every week but have no interest in trading for myself. Are there any managers or funds that I can put some money with with that follow trend following strategies?

Covel: No short answer, but I hope you have read at least two of my trend following books before hitting me with trend following questions.

[Name]: I [have] read three.

Covel: I try to keep all free trend following consulting and education to my books, podcast, free website [blog]. [On the other hand my more personal consulting and] training [is here]. I generally steer clear of offering trend following insights outside of those options. Have found that is best for my time and fair [to] everyone.

[Name]: Sure. I appreciate your quick answer to my question.

Not My Trend Following Role

Feedback in:

Hi, my name is [name] I have just discovered your books on trend following and I am a trend follower myself. I am currently trying to look for registered investment advisers who use your trend following approach and I was wondering if you had any names of people. It seems like the ones that you have in your books are people who invest more in commodities and futures. I am looking for someone who is more into equities, bonds, that sort of thing. If you could give me a call back I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

No leads. Not my role. Bottom line, trend following is a strategy. In that strategic spectrum there are traders employing trend following across stocks, futures, commodities, etc.

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