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“My World Has Changed Dramatically…Thanks”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I just wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing with your writing and podcasts.

My world has changed dramatically since listening to you and Barry Ritholtz on Master’s in Business a couple of weeks back. I’ve since read your book The Complete TurtleTrader and am in the middle of reading Trend Following. I’ve also started to listen to your podcasts (along with Master’s in Business that I listen to each week) and have really enjoyed your conversations with Tom Basso, Meb Faber, and listening to your views on the world.

My educational background is in physics and economics and professionally I own an internet advertising and online publishing business. So I’m comfortable with numbers and fairly entrepreneurial.

Since reading your books and listening to your podcasts I’ve been busy programming and developing a trend following trading strategy all with set conditions on: when to open positions, how to manage funds and risk exposure, rules for what to do when a trend breaks out, and a stop loss system that defines when to exit at all times win or lose. All done programmatically and connected into the trading platforms API’s. I now feel confident in the process being put in place to be successful with my trading (regardless of whether this particular strategy back tests well or not) and I’m excited for what 2016 and further into the future have in store. An amazing change in less than 6 weeks.

It has been a fantastic learning process for me and it is a process that is on-going and one that I feel has changed my life forever. Without your efforts I don’t think I would have come across any of this and it is for this this reason that I felt I needed to email you to let you know how your work has impacted me.

So thank you again.

Great feedback. Thanks [Name]. Best of luck!

Silly Rabbit, Trix Are for Kids

A question posted recently here on my blog:

“What value do individual traders provide society with? I can understand that fund managers earn fees by helping clients earn profits. But what about individual traders who trade their own account? I think Anthony Robbins said that what you earn is directly related to the value you provide, so to earn more you should provide more value. What value do traders provide? A couple of things I can only think of: capital and liquidity. But how do returns relate to the value a trader provide?”

If you take traders and speculators out of the market what are you left with? Of course that ignores the point that everyone (including this poster) is a trader to begin with — whether they understand that point or not.

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