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“The problem with my account being this size is that I am finding it increasingly hard to manage…”

Feedback in:

I have a list of investment rules the first of which is “The Stock Market is Broken” which has led me to believe in the Trend method of trading. Most investment firms that advertise Trend investing are looking for entry points before the trend which leads to the problem of sorting through the weak picks. Your team is more interested in following the trend which is what I believe in. I presently self-direct my one-million dollar account using the Trend Method which involves buying on the way up, adding on the way up and selling on the way down. The problem with my account being this size is that I am finding it increasingly hard to manage thus the reason in seeking assistance such as what you are offering. My question: I trade strictly in the equity market (individual stocks in Canadian and US funds) and generally avoid ETFs and Mutual funds although I am open to the option of doing so. I have never traded Forex, options, puts or shorts and will avoid them until I am better educated. Do you offer a one size fits all product or different ones tailored to the individual and if so what do you suggest for me?

Thank you

You need:

  • Exact rules for selecting your tracking portfolio.
  • Exact rules for entering your trades at the right time.
  • Exact rules for exiting your trades with a loss.
  • Exact rules for exiting your trades with a profit.
  • Exact rules for how much money to bet on each trade.

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