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“I am drawing some small amounts from my retirement savings which is where I am trading my models and would use any trend models…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I am a fan of trend trading, your books and your podcast. I’m very interested in your course but want to get a sense as to whether it’s the right fit for me. I suspect it will be very beneficial, but I have a few quick questions. As a background, I am recently retired (at 55) and I have a couple of models I’ve been playing with that backtest well, but who knows whether they will hold up. They are fairly simple and I think robust. They incorporate primarily momentum and volatility and use leverage as drawdowns are small. I am also trading some options strategies for income and using that for my daily expenses. I am drawing some small amounts from my retirement savings which is where I am trading my models and would use any trend models. Obviously, I don’t know if they will hold up over time and I’m always looking for other ideas to augment returns, and or at least diversify strategies.

I guess the 5 questions I have are:

  1. Do you think the type of long term trend trading you are teaching is suitable for a retiree who draws on capital and has a 20-30 year time horizon (hopefully longer but statistically speaking about 25 years)
  2. I’m a little unclear as to whether you are teaching the philosophy of trend trading or if there is a specific system. Or both?
  3. Assuming a system is part of the course, is the system suitable for any asset?
  4. Do you have any material in the course on building a portfolio (e.g. perhaps applying the same system to a group of non correlated assets?)

Thanks… and sorry if it’s a long email


Great questions. Answers here: 1, 2, 3. It’s philosophy + system(s). It includes portfolio selection instruction. Full description.

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