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“I love your podcasts and listen every second I am driving…”

Feedback in:

I just listened to your interview with Alex. I am a 35-year practicing attorney, now practicing in Florida. When I first started practicing in New Hampshire and Maine, all you had to do to get clients was hang a sign-out. Life is very different now since the Bars allow attorneys to advertise. Advertising is a big chunk of an attorney’s time and money, though we try to rely on referrals in the first instance. The big disruptors in the legal field are the on-line legal service outfits like Legal Zoom and Title Companies who make their money selling title policies by doing real estate closings. The only thing left that most people can’t do that lawyer can do – is going to court. Going to court is now changing how one goes to court via video conferencing. when I started law was a profession. It is now more of a commodity. I love your podcasts and listen every second I am driving. You say things I think but don’t say, and when that happens it gives me a big laugh. Not laughing, but enjoying your honesty. Keep up the good work.



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