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” If you are ever in Australia let me know it would be fantastic to chat with you….”

Feedback in:

G’day Mike,

Just been relaxing and listening to your last Larry Hite interview and am looking forward to reading his book which is is winging it way to me at this very moment.

Its been a fantastic year of learning, listening to your podcasts and reading books and getting my trading under systematic control. It is kind of like a cloud that has lifted after many years of trading stocks. You have a great interviewing style which is a product of the passion you have for the subject. That you have stuck with it over the years in the face of the naysayers is testament to the belief that it works and anyone can do it if they have the mental fortitude.

I bought Amibroker, learned to program it, test the systems and most of all, have the confidence to follow the signals. I wish it had been something I’d done much earlier in life but that is just the way things go, better to start sometime than not at all. I’m building up a track record and will have a years worth of data at the end of January.

I have told people how I trade stocks and get the same feedback that you have encountered, what about fundamentals, what qualifies me to give advice. There is an old saying that my dad passed onto me years ago which you are no doubt familiar with “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

There are a couple of other guys who are trend traders in the local ATAA (Adelaide tech analysis) who believe that you have to step back and trade the longer slower trends while all the rest in the group are going the opposite direction of looking at 5minute bars and tick charts. I’m about to launch with a weekly bar system in the new year.

If you are ever in Australia let me know it would be fantastic to chat with you. Are you still in Asia?

Have a great New Year and continue the great work.


Neil D.

My location is top secret!

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