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“I think I listened to that episode 4 times, over a couple weeks. I also bought the book on Amazon and I got straight into that…”

Feedback in:

I sent an email to you a couple months back with a bit of feed back on your pod cast.

I should have left it on here so I could just reply and you could remember the conversation and me, but That’s not so important for today.

I have been a listener for long time now and listen to all the episodes in case I can pick something of use up. And I have to say I get a bit out of it.

Since I last talked to you where talking about Larry Hite in one the episodes then a couple weeks later you had him on for a 1 hour episode.

I thought it was really good to the extent that I had to take a couple listens at it just so I didn’t miss anything. I love the way this guy talks about very thing in life and you must not only cut your losses early but always do things to get the odds in your favor.

I think I listened to that episode 4 times, over a couple weeks. I also bought the book on Amazon and I got straight into that.

I finished this book in a few days which is really good for me.

I thought you covered the entire book really in the interview but it was about drumming the mind set into me. I think it was really good and I like the simple to the point story telling of Larry. So let him know that some guy in Australia really liked is book and that I’m wishing him all the best.

Next I just finished one of you monologues, like 5 minutes ago (822 I think I’m up too).

I loved it because after I have really pumped Larry’s life out look and how we must keep trying and so on, I think your pod cast here was a great unintentional follow up that this interview and book.

I have a couple successful people I have met here over the years and one of these guys has always said to me. “You have to back your self”. You cover exactly this today again for me. We have the tall poppy syndrome in this country as well… Where people don’t want you to get ahead.

I Know this is so important to all the things I am trying to achieve in life. I have a day job for the moment. But I am getting better and learning and this will not be forever.

So well done on presenting these topics because I believe 100% in what you said here today… The main reason I still work is because of the not doing what you & Larry have said to this point.

Back yourself.

Get the odds in your favor in anything you do.

Try & keep trying. As Larry said he could never stop trying.

Cut the losses & bad choices early.

So all this sounds simple, but now I have started being mindful in all this and I find myself practicing the process every single day now. It is starting to work for me. I think I have a descent process not perfect but now I have something to work with.

Thanks for the podcast and I just wanted to wish you all the best for the holidays & to say that you are making a difference out there, in this fake ass time we are living in. Plus not all of us are just money hungry pricks looking for a free ride or get rich with no work thing.

These are the books above I’m studying at present. And that’s the unit I moved into about 3 months back to better my trading and learning environment. That’s my reading environment now.

Take care and all the best.

Thanks! Merry Christmas!

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