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“I have been reading Larry’s book (love it and love him) and I happened to see a few reviews on Amazon…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Just a quick one.

I have been reading Larry’s book (love it and love him) and I happened to see a few reviews on Amazon.

One of them said something along the lines of, “rubbish, doesn’t tell you anything about his strategy or what indicators he uses for technical analysis and charts…blah blah blah”.

Just incredible, to have bought the book you would think the guy or gal would actually have some idea of the concept of Larry and trend trading but clearly not and they will take absolutely nothing from the book and all the wisdom that is in there. My guess is they were expecting to be spoon fed an exact strategy that Larry uses (which they probably wouldn’t follow).

In my opinion he actually has done this – run your winners, cut your losses – it’s all there but the reviewer probably wanted something more along the lines of, “when the price crosses the upper Bollinger band and the 20 period moving average is higher than the 50 but no higher than the 100 period while the temperature outside is no higher than 45 degrees but no lower than 42 and the previous evening had a full moon, then and only then should you watch CNBC and go on twitter to find other like minded people to validate your trade. Once these all line up you should then enter the trade”.

Also on your recent podcast with Larry you mentioned how much material you have built up with Larry and you may release a monster episode of it all. Would love to hear this.



Yes, there are many angry losers roaming Amazon…

Some Larry audio here for the learned.

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