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“This is probably one of the greatest testimonials you could get for TurtleTrader…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Since you read all emails (proven to me when I first started following you) I’ll do my best to be brief, but this is important and hope you will read to the end (no need to respond just think you’ll find it interesting).

This one [post] in-particular (about the women in prison reading TT) was put off numerous times (thought “well, women in prison may be desperate for information – might be ‘opportunity seekers'” etc.) then I read it. This really impacted me. Allow a moment to rewind to apply some context as to why.

In a past life I worked in public service (I won’t say what, where or when). My path constantly crossed drug dealers (though, to be honest, not many female types.) This part of my work was as unsavory and not glamorous as one would imagine. Every derogatory label you can affix to these dirt-bags would not only fit but be entirely appropriate except ONE: They were anything but idiots. They had to run an entire operation (and in some cases many separate operations) just like any business that expects to make a profit, keep their people happy and continue to grow all this while trying to NOT GET KILLED by rival “business men.” Think about that for a moment. If you run a company the worst that can happen is you go out of business, declare bankruptcy and maybe hang your head in shame for all the people that were counting on you (employees, family, friends etc.), but you DON’T have to worry about getting killed! The point being that dealers not only are NOT idiots but can’t afford to be idiots and in fact have to be smarter than many top level execs/entrepreneurs etc because if they lose, they die.

So what’s my point in all of this? This is probably one of the greatest testimonials you could get for TurtleTrader (in fact, my route is learning via Trend Following so can’t help but wonder if I should switch my how-to to TT). These women aren’t going to recommend some b.s. or be swayed by flashy, slick talkers. For them it makes business sense or it doesn’t.

That’s all. Just wanted to mention this is actionable info/testimony and good on you for the donation makes me want to do the same.

Be well…

J. C.


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