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TurtleTrader Popular in the Ladies Prison System

TurtleTrader Popular in the Ladies Prison System
TurtleTrader Popular in the Ladies Prison System

A lady reader who spent time in prison wrote me. Our chat:

READER: Your book was the favorite of all the inmates. There must have been 50 copies. One person decided to hold a class on the book and then more orders came about. People were borrowing it from each other. Some people were mad because others got released and stole them from the library. It was crazy. I just sat back and laughed. I only told certain close friends. Yeah, I know of that guy.

ME: You might have to fill in the blanks here? You had to spend some time in the big house [prison]? And people there were reading my books? Can you name facility? Interesting story.

READER: Yeah, they went nuts for your book. There were several copies in the library till people stole them. You are a rock star!

ME: So which book of mine did well [there]?

READER: The yellow one [TurtleTrader]. That same one. Everyone had it.

ME: Everyone? Lol. That sounds like an exaggeration!

READER: I mean when I would walk in someone’s room it was there. I had a few people that came up to me to read it, “Here you want to read something really good?” I’d laugh. There were 200+ women and about 50 of them had it.

ME: I will probably post a note about this without naming you or the prison.

READER: You should.

ME: Why do they like it?

READER: They all want to trade instead of dealing drugs. Half are drug dealers. They can’t do that anymore. They are used to big money. Few million a year some of them. So they think they will trade when they get out. They study that book [TurtleTrader] like lunatics. The feds confiscate their drug money, they pay millions in attorneys and whatever they have left…they decide to study the market. Your book is the only one chosen. I don’t know why that is because there are a lot of books out there. But they rave about it and recommend it to others in there.

ME: If I had an address and knew it would go to the ladies to hand out…I will send some more copies.

READER: I’ll give you the number and info.

ME: Tell exactly how to label package?

READER: People always leave and say I’ll write. And they never do. Those people [in prison] will be happy to get your book. That’s very kind of you

ME: Sent each 3x copies.

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