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“Now that I’ve answered your questions, can you answer some of mine about your product?”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael!

I will answer your question but I need you to know that I’ve been studying your content for 7 months now. Although, I do remember what it was like when I was first introduced to trend following:

3 things pop out:

1 – you don’t have to predict, this what was killing me before. I knew I couldn’t predict and I had such a hard time looking at the graphics and trying to guess the best entry points. I didn’t know there was any other way, until I heard of trend following

2 – the high frequency information doesn’t help you. Wow, that really did make a difference for me because I knew I could not keep up with it and I have always been a little alienated I never really liked following news I only read what is of my interest which is usually content about whatever subject I am studying at the time.

3 – trading like an entrepreneur (this actually became very clear after the series of emails). It makes so much sense.

Now that I’ve answered your questions, can you answer some of mine about your product? I have been interested in your product for a while now but I didn’t feel like I was prepared for it yet. Like I said I have been studying a lot and I have been waiting for a good opportunity like this discount and also to feel like I had studied enough that I would take full advantage of it.

So here are my questions:

1 – I have only traded stocks in the Brazilian Stock exchange, I am not fluent on Futures or other markets. Does your product support provide this type of assistance?

2 – I live in Brazil will your course reach me right?

3 – I do not have an account on any international broker, do you provide assistance on how to chose one or maybe a list of the most reliable and cost effective?

In terms of international markets? Read.

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