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Ep. 636: The Noise with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Noise with Michael Covel
Noise with Michael Covel

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What drives, distracts or motivates you? There has never been more availability to information than today. It is being pumped out every second of everyday. Is it useful?

Michael pulls a few quotes from a Farnam Street blog post and Nassim Taleb who further his point; we are not free, we are all part of the matrix, information is transforming us from nice people to neurotic people, and data that is not well discussed is toxic. Twitter, Facebook, CNBC, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance (among many others) are brainwashing the public. Shane Parish (from Farnam Street) also encourages people to think about what the information they are consuming means to them. Will it be relevant to them in a week, month, or year? He breaks the value of information down into two parts: Will the information stand the test of time? Does the information have detail?

The highest achievers have figured out how to sort through the chaos. They choose not to participate in the noise and tune everything out that is not essential. They are busy getting things done, rather than watching what everyone else is doing.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio:

  • Signal and noise
  • Distraction
  • Time and Details
  • Click bait
  • Social media
  • News scripts
  • Antifragility
  • Michelin over McDonalds

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