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“An appreciative Trend Follower who is very much Long on Covel Futures!”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

I am sure you have seen this article today in the FT, if not here it is.

I have all your books, and I am a regular listener to your podcasts, which I enjoy. My trading style is based purely on psychology and trend following, with manged risk. I would not trade any other way! Averaged 35% return over the last four years. Love it when you get Tom Basso, Richard Dennis and others on your podcast. Why make trading complicated…!

I think as human beings we can’t in today’s world, think simple is best. I have proved to myself, and to my bank account it is, and I use your books and listening to your podcasts to keep me on the straight and narrow. As sometimes you think you know best, and you completely F**K it up.

Great content, thank you for sharing.

An appreciative Trend Follower, who is very much Long on Covel Futures…!

Best regards,


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