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Ep. 602: Mike Salguero Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Mike Salguero
Mike Salguero

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My guest today is Mike Salguero, a serial entrepreneur. His newest venture is Butcher Box – delivering meat from the farm straight to your door. He got his start in the business space selling t-shirts in high school and continued making t-shirts throughout college. He credits his t-shirt businesses to teaching him how to market and grow a brand from the ground up. Mike’s first large scale business was a company that helped carpenters market and sell their custom furniture. The company was called CustomMade. Mike and his business partner bought the URL for $150,000, revamped the website, raised $30 million of venture capital and at it’s peak employed 60 people. By the time Mike left the company they were down to 6 employees. His partner stayed with it and has turned the company around, but most investors lost everything. He learned a lot from CustomMade – the paramount lesson being how to market a product.

The topic is entrepreneur.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • Benefits of eating grass fed meat
  • Marketing a product
  • Commodity meat vs. grass fed
  • Raising capital (or the importance of not raising capital)
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Starting a business

“A failed venture is not a failed entrepreneur.” – Anonymous venture capitalist

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