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“It’s all still so surreal and very cool…”

Feedback in:

Hey Mike,

I just want to say thanks for all of the work you’ve put in over the years. You’ve helped me a great deal not just in learning about trend following, but also meeting people within the space.

I remember reading Trend Following back in 2007 after I graduated college; learning about John Henry, Seykota, Jerry Parker, etc. Little did I know that I’d become friendly with some of these guys. It’s all still so surreal and very cool.

About a month ago, after [meeting] a very well known trend following trader, he decides to invest $[xxx] in my fund. For a guy like me managing $[small] millions, that’s a big f’n deal!

I don’t think this could’ve been possible without the work you’ve done, so I just want to thank you for doing it.

Let me know when you come back to the states. Let’s run some sprints and have a catch.


Great story! Congrats!

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No Quit

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