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“Covel, you’ve done it again!”

Feedback in:

Covel, you’ve done it again!

The Sunstein interview should be wrapped up and sent to the podcast Hall of Fame. I have a copy of Nudge sitting on my shelf and will read it soon, before reading the latest book from Sunstein. Have you read any of Nomi Prins’ work? She writes about the relationship between central banks, bankers, wall street, and politicians. She would be a great interview. Just a suggestion.

Keep up your extraordinary work!! Love the mega episodes, too.

Berkeley, CA

Why did you like Cass one so much?

I studied the sociology of ideology at UC Berkeley and I’m fascinated by the approach neuroscientists take regarding how we arrive at political opinions, issues of morality, partisan divide, etc. Sunstein’s approach enables me to use relevant, empirical terms so I can explain my position/opinion on matters without losing sight of someone else’s. It keeps conversations civil, and fosters stimulating debate and diversity of opinion in these divided times. Kahneman is also a good teacher in this regard, and so is Jonathan Haidt, who wrote “The Righteous Mind,” (one of the best social science books of the past decade).

I live in Berkeley, a hotbed of not only “radicalism”, but liberal elitism: folks who read the NYT & Krugman and keep their radio dial tuned to NPR for their daily dose of confirmation bias. Its disheartening when educated folks are so bloated with political correctness that they simply cannot understand different perspectives on how the world works. Sunstein, et al, assist me in coping with this in my daily life.


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