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“Fire Dragon Ninja Trader…”

Feedback in:


Apologies for the strange title just thought it would stand out in your inbox.

Half way through your audiobook of Trend Following. Actually bought your book a while ago and had every intention of reading them.

I am on board, I certainly had a mind shift from listening to your audiobook. If you don’t mind me drawing a parallel to religion I have looked at every type of investing as a religion, “that one is wrong, this is the true way” and the answer is similar to my religious outlook, I am atheist in that area and I am now an atheist in my investment outlook.

So to sum up, thanks. I consume your podcasts when they come out and am enjoying your books.

I am looking for successful trend traders in Australia also. And given I live in Melbourne looking at starting a group Meetup for like minded trend traders.

If your ever in Melbourne I owe you lunch.


Lunch sounds great!

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