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“I believed you would appreciate my ‘oh shit’ aka ‘aha moment’…”

Feedback in:


I am a regular listener to your podcasts. I appreciate the wide variety of incredible guests and the disparate and yet relevant topics that they discuss. I’m impressed by your ability to ask “that” question that the guest responds “no one has ever asked me that before.” It’s recognizable that you must do a lot of research prior to each interview.

One such compelling and yet disturbing interview was with Ed Seykota, podcast #355. Among other things, you discussed some major topics from his book Govopoly. His statement that things, politics/the economy/government/society, are the way they are supposed to be and that there is nothing to be done about them ran counter to my world view. I was shaken by his statement that “I don’t think there is anything to fix.” I’m a person that believes when you realize things have strayed from the correct path you fight to bring them back in line. I guess the real question is what is the correct path.

I shared the podcast with a close friend who I enjoy debating topics like these with. His response was basically that he assumed the game was over long ago and he was resigned to his fate. Again this ran counter to my belief system.

Over two years after listening to you and Ed, I was listening to “The Death of Money,” a book by another of your podcast’s alumni, Jim Rickards. About halfway through the book Jim discusses the Federal Reserve. I know that there are varying opinions on the FED and I didn’t have very much knowledge on the subject so I decided to finally breakdown and listen to “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” Holy shit! I only made it through 3 chapters before I felt compelled to listen to the Ed Seykota interview again. I’m not naïve when it comes to my understanding of how things work in America but even if a small portion of what is said in “…Jekyll Island” is true I now understand where Ed is coming from. The mechanism is too big, too entrenched, and too interwoven into the fabric of our government and society to be fought to any meaningful affect.

I just thought I would share this bit of circular podcast listening with you. I believed you would appreciate my “oh shit” aka aha moment concerning our society. Any thoughts? Have you done an interview with G. Edward Griffin? It may be interesting to hear what he has to say on the Trump era.

Thanks again for your truly insightful podcasts.

No thoughts. I just appreciate your feedback!

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