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“They are absolutely fantastic! There is so much good material…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I am from [Name]. I am a discretionary trader. I had some success and lot of failures over 10 years that I have been trading. I have tried all sorts of different methods. I have had success with option writing strategies and blown my account up a few times with with the same methods. A few months ago I was googling “Good Trading Podcasts” and I stumbled upon your website. I have listened to approximately 30 to 40 episodes from Trend Following Radio. They are absolutely fantastic! There is so much good material in them and you prepare very well for each episode.

I am just about to go for a 7 hour drive home now and I will be listening to 7-10 more episodes on my way. They make long drives go by so fast. I am interested in the methods you are promoting and am looking to find out more about them. Since you have done so much good work with the podcasts I am going to be purchasing the 4 books you have published (I believe you have 5 books but your newest Trend Following Book covers everything from the first edition. Correct?). You also have me interested in Jack Schwager’s material along with many other people’s material who you have interviewed. Anyway I will be purchasing your books this evening when I return home. Thanks again for the great podcasts and the amazing guests you have on them. You just made another sale because of it.


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PS. Yes, newest edition of TF (Wiley; 2017) is what you need.

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