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“Thanks for your most interesting Ep: 571: Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman Interview!”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your most interesting ‘Ep: 571: Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman Interview’ re Claude Shannon.

I’ll admit that his paper was mostly over my head when I read it as a grad student in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program at the University of Colorado, but certainly the idea of applying wide interests to supposedly specialized fields is something I do understand, having gone from a BA in another interdisciplinary program, a great books program as an undergrad, to doing software development and architecture at Nortel in the 90s, by way of a long period of budget travel in Europe in-between.

Re your exchange w/ the authors re collaboration: the below podcast is a glimpse into Penn & Teller’s collaboration over 40yrs, not so smooth as the collaboration that Soni & Goodman describe among themselves. May your collaboration be as fruitful as P&T’s, and more in-sync at a personal level!



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