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“Systematic trend-following may well be the best kept secret in finance…”

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Hi Michael:

I’ve just submitted a brief review to Amazon UK [for Trend Following]. I’d do the same for but the site keeps redirecting to the UK website. If there’s some way round this I’d be happy to post it there too. Feel free to use this in any way that might be helpful.

“Systematic trend-following may well be the best kept secret in finance. A friend of mine recently crunched the numbers on the best funds in the world. To make the final cut, a fund had to have an audited 20 year track record, and over that period also had to have earned net annualised returns of at least 20%. That’s an almost impossible hurdle. 11 funds made the final cut. Six of them were trend-following funds.

It’s not just about returns, it’s also about diversification. Trend-following funds tend to zig when other, more traditional funds, zag. And in 2008, for example, one of the worst years for financial markets in living memory, trend-following funds generated high positive returns. Given the egregious overvaluation of most stock and bond markets today, trend-following funds almost certainly have a role to play in anyone’s portfolio.

Intrigued? Want to know more? This book will likely become the bible with regard to the trend-following sector. In writing it, Michael Covel has, once again, acted as the ambassador for the industry. A great job, and an excellent introduction to one of the most fascinating – and successful – forms of trading out there.”

Tim Price

Thanks Tim!

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