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“Who are these people who disagree?”

Feedback in:

Hi Covel, want to give a suggestion to your podcast. I bought & read your book and I’m 99% converted into trend following. Great book, great info. However I would love to listen to a podcast episode where you interview someone intelligent who disagrees with both 1) you and 2) trend following. Its good to hear and know the 2 sides of the argument before I embark on this road. I think many of your listeners would also love to hear that. It would add to your credibility having the guts to bring someone who might expose you.


Who are these people who disagree?



And what exactly are they coming on to disagree about? Cause they are not disagreeing with just me, they are disagreeing with every trader, academic and fact in my book.

Bottom line, this is not just Michael Covel v. the investing world.

Note: Ideas for a real person who fits his bill?

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