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“Next time I will come with my ‘A’ game…”

Feedback in:

I have only listened to about 80 of your podcasts. So I am about 2 months into my trend following journey. I mostly trade stocks and have for some time. I am from the O’Neil school of trading. So when I first started trading I was mostly fundamental and some technical. But as I have advanced, I see the technical side or the trend following side as more my style. I am just about to read your new book. So If I am not using the terms trend following and systematic properly it is only that I am pretty new to your podcasts.

And again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your podcasts. They do mean a lot to me. I feel like most TV, Radio, Movies (except yours), kill your brain cells and make you dumber when you are done. I find your podcast to be compelling and very informative. It is the complete opposite of other forms of media. Where I really commend you is that you are a great interviewer. Personally I would say you are one of the top 5 interviewers. In fact I believe you surpass anyone in the financial media by a wide margin. And I will give you an exact example. CNBC gets 3 hours with Warren Buffet. They ask him about politics and the fed. It makes me cringe. The guy is an investor and business man! UGH. I know you would never do that. You bring out the best in your guests and being in your audience it is appreciated.

I will continue to recommend your podcasts to everyone I know. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

Again I appreciate your time


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