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“It reminded me of another Singaporean anecdote…”

Feedback in:


I loved your story about being recognized by a Singaporean cab driver. It reminded me of another Singaporean anecdote I thought you might appreciate.

I’ve been living in Bangkok for the last ten years and don’t really get out much. But I was in Singapore maybe four or five years ago on a brief visit with a friend who’s quite familiar with that city.

Knowing how much I love books, he took me to a gigantic book store. Place seemed like it was a block long. Easily ten times bigger than any bookstore I’ve ever been in. I had heard some very positive things about your trend following book from a 4X trader. So I walked right up to an employee at the bookstore and asked if they carried your Trend Following book. Guy went right to a computer and twenty seconds later his head pops up. “Yes sir. We have it here.”

And it was in my hands a few minutes later. As I recall, it was quite a walk from where we were in the store!

I don’t know the name of that store. But the next time you’re in Singapore, maybe Rogers knows!

Glad you’re digging Asia. It changes you. It’s all happening here. North America and Europe are comatose in comparison. I don’t think I could live there anymore, anyway. Too many rules!

Appreciate all your contributions. Even if you totally walked away from the podcast, don’t worry about it. You’ve already done plenty. Take care of yourself first with whatever you need and the rest will take care of itself.

Peace out…


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