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“500th episode with Charles Faulkner was eye opening…”

Feedback in:

Dear Michael,

First of all I have to say a big thank you! Your podcasts broadened my knowledge base and moreover, it provided me the impulse to change the way I’m thinking about markets, market participants and my own work.

I’m currently managing 2bn € AuM for institutional investors and the job is really embarrassing to me. The way money is managed in the industry is pro cyclical. You’re hiding behind benchmarks & marketing brochures and worse – due to regulations – you’re just paid for avoiding risks. I have enough and to spare!

Your 500th episode with Charles Faulkner was eye opening to me. It started a mental firework in my brain! I really want to change something in my life. As I was always a great fan of behavioral economics, and I would love to combine this direction with NLP and do coaching work in the finance space. Especially in Europe, we’re decades behind in comparison to the US.

As NLP is very criticized in [other country] for not being a “real science”, I wanted to ask you what do you think about NLP? At the moment I look at different coaching techniques. As I now that you are very open minded and a great thinker I really appreciate your feedback!

Best regards,

NLP has a great many benefits. Any effort that brings a greater understanding to us irrational humans is alright by me.

Not Rational
Not Rational

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