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Trend Following Is Not Day Trading

If your desk looks like this you are in trouble.
If your desk looks like this you are in trouble.

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

This is [Name] from Malaysia. I am inspired by your book series, Trend Following, TurtleTrader, The Little Book of Trading and Trend Commandments. For the past two months I have been doing paper trading using the turtle trading system I learned from your book and the results were promising.

Last night I listened to your podcast episode 458 on continuous improvement. In the speech you mentioned if one is using trend following in day trading, go away! I was shocked to hear that. For the past two months, I am using the 15 min and 30 min charts on most of my commodities and futures trading. The reason is if I use the daily chart to trade, the N value (ATR) is too big and my capital is very limited, plus the difference in currency exchange between USD and MYR.

Moreover, in the same podcast you mentioned it is gambling staring at the computer screen whole day–which is what I might result in doing if I use the 15 min or 30 min chart. And trend followers don’t do that?

With regards,

Not a new message from me about day trading. I say across my books. I say here.

You can’t effectively trade a 6 month move as a day trader, for example. You can find more here:

Limited capital? It will probably be even more limited soon enough with more day trading!

How can you move forward immediately to Trend Following profits? My books and my Flagship Course and Systems are trusted options by clients in 70+ countries.

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