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Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders Ericsson

He will soon be on my podcast, but consider a great excerpt from Anders Ericsson:

…this is exactly how chess players improve most effectively…by studying the games of grandmasters, trying to reproduce them move by move, and, when they choose a move that is different from what the grandmaster chose, studying the position again to see what they missed. [Ben] Franklin [known chess fan) could not apply the same technique to chess because he had no easy access to the games of masters. Almost all of them were in Europe, and at the time there were no books with their collected games for him to study. If he had had some way to study the masters’ games, he might well have become one of the best chess players of his generation (Source: Peak).

Great thought. Exactly why I put pro trend following performance in my books. His wisdom is also the background foundation of turtle trend following success.

Peak by Anders Ericsson
Peak by Anders Ericsson

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