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Trend Following Passion and Common Sense

Feedback in:

Michael, thank you very much for putting the truth out there! I was introduced to Trend Following about a year ago after trading (unsuccessfully) with the Elliott Wave Principle for eight (8) or so years. I lost a little capital at a time but in all, took losses of about $40,000 USD. Something had to change and it was when I was introduced by a trend following system being marketed to me via a pop up window while browsing the internet of all places. Well, I bit, tried it out, and quickly found it to be a more realistic view of the markets and it made rational sense. After a few weeks I saw potential and devoted many many sleepless nights back-testing and tweaking systems and the results now have been phenomenal to say the least. Over the past nine (9) months I’ve taken [blank] and turned it into just over [blank], fairly conservatively.

Your blog posts, your podcasts, and lastly your books have been there to mainly keep me going, remembering the plan, striving to do the same thing day in day out, win or lose. It’s so rare to have support as a trader and your message and content have helped immensely. My plan moving forward is to grow my personal futures trading account to over [blank] in the next twelve (12) years and along with using my current system, listening and reading your content is going to get the job done in time. I thank you very much good sir for your passion for common sense investing and your willingness to share and assist in an industry that is typically full of poor advice.

Looking forward to meeting you one day,


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