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“You and I Must be Related”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I’ve been listening to your podcast for over a year now, and it is truly excellent! The interviews, the guests, and the first-rate information they provide is invaluable. I just left a rating on iTunes. You and I must be distantly related (aren’t we all?). My mother’s maiden name was Coval, and her father was John Coval, from the Ukraine (Skala).

Please send me the right trend following steps to continue my knowledge. Also, would you please send me your free video.


Thanks, but not related!

How is Covel pronounced? Co-vell. “Co” rhymes with toe. “Vell” rhymes with bell. Equally accented each syllable. It was shortened from Covalesky, which was shortened originally from Kavaliauskas (which is father’s Lithuanian side).

Michael Covel
Michael Covel

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