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“The more time I spend among humans, the more I love my dog…”

Listener: The Mona Lisa of them all IMHO. On my 5th listen!

Covel: Why?

Listener: Maybe its just me, but it struck a chord. The fact that average folks cannot equate to large sums of money is bang on. I mean if one spends there time looking for bargains at Walmart, how can they possibly comprehend millions let alone billions. The brainwashing and their ignorance prevents them from that. The Kevin Bruce story is simply amazing. What a humble human being. He understood what most never will at such a tender age that its all about the freedom and not the bling. Truly inspiring for the masses that want more out of life than the status quo or as I like to call it the neighbor quo!

Listener: David Harding calling the SPY a system, who the heck would ever have the courage to go on CNBC and tout that? The Godfather clip, inner confidence at its finest. As human beings we seek the answers everywhere but from within, where they truly lie. Truly inspiring and motivational at least for me, and this is coming from a guy who’s favorite quote is;

“The more time I spend among humans,the more I love my dog.”

As always thank you for what you do.

Covel: Thanks!

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