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The Podcast of Michael Covel

Feedback in:

Dear Michael,

This is my review of your podcast, free for you to place anywhere you like under my name “Moshe Shalom, Israel”:

The podcast of Michael Covel is a treasure of knowledge. It brings you the basics about trading but also can enrich the most experienced of money managers. Michael is discussing all the topics with his great guests in a casual manner of an experienced host. His questions and remarks are a great addendum to the insights Of his guests and you see very quickly that he knows the “inside baseball” of the subjects discussed. This is not a “trend-following” only podcast. You have guests on many aspects of life, success, and zen-like attitude to survive the many twists and turns of life. Trading systems, risk management, and customer relations are the core of a very eclectic range of subjects that I found very interesting. I am sure that anyone that will listen too will feel the same mixture of pleasure and knowledge.

Thanks for everything,
Moshe Shalom, Israel


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