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Jim Rohrbach Offers Insight on Darvas

Feedback in:


I am so pleased that you discovered Nicholas Darvis. I bought his book “How I Made 2 Million Dollars in the Stock Market” in the early 1960’s. That’s when I first started developing my RIX Market Timing Index. I loved that book and I lent it to someone or gave it to someone. There were many lessons in that book for a young guy trying to figure out how to invest with the trend. Like, “Never Sell A Rising Stock”. His transactions were documented very well I thought. Stay out of market board rooms. He definitely influenced my thinking about identifying changes in the trend of the stock market. I could not put down the subject and I spent 7 years developing my RIX Index which accurately identifies changes in the trend of the stock market. It has worked for over 40 years and it frequently gets me ranked No. 1 in the country on Timer Digest’s Top Ten Timers List. Yes, Nicholas Darvas is the real deal and I am so glad that you are telling your readers about him. He is definitely one of my [mentors]. I am pleased that you are bringing his work back to life. I hope your readers study what he said in that book!

Your friend,
Jim Rohrbach

Thanks Jim!

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