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Trend Following Passion is Contagious

Feedback in:

I [wish] I had read your book many years earlier! And your profiling of the long term track records of the some of the big practitioners inspires confidence and this has been borne out [in] academic studies [too]. Although I do not have the time to do trend following personally being a busy physician, I am beginning to deploy monies in managed futures especially because it offers a favorable tax structure. I have been an investor in hedge funds which have generated large short term gains leading to a heavy tax burden over the years.

I am using your resources to research many of the managers with good track records. Do you have any suggestions as to your favorites? I am looking for managers that offer leverage in addition to their standard program. I am currently invested in QIM which has 3x leverage and with Abraham Trading which offers 2x leverage.

Last, your passion is contagious and keep up your good work.

I don’t give recommendations on pro traders, but thanks for the nice words. I will try to keep it all going straight ahead!

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