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Ep. 357: Jonathan Fader Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Jonathan Fader
Jonathan Fader


Today on the podcast Michael Covel speaks with Dr. Jonathan Fader. Fader is a licensed clinical psychologist and is the team psychologist to the NY Mets baseball team. Fader also writes a blog for Psychology Today entitled ‘The New You’. He maintains an active clinical practice, is an assistant professor of Family Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and teaches in the Beth Israel Residency Program in Family Medicine in New York City. Fader and Covel discuss motivational interviewing, sport psychology techniques, process v. outcome, the mistake of focusing only on results, mental state and stress, mindfulness, Facebook distraction, Eastern traditions, the moment of now, and quieting the mind. Issues discussed apply to life, trading, sports and business–Fader offers insights we can all use. More on Fader at

Listen to this episode:

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