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Meeting Trend Following Pioneer Ed Seykota

Feedback in:

Hello Michael. I’m glad to have come cross your site and all of your information. I Actually have an interesting story about meeting Ed Seykota about 10 years ago.


Got into commodities watching my stepfather get long gold before Y2K in 2000. He did well. Took a Ken Roberts course and started dabbling a little bit made some, lost some, but continued to grow my interest through 2004.

Came across the turtle trading site and all the information, read as much as I could, downloaded everything and saved it in files. Read all the books on the recommended reading lists. Out of all the market wizards, for some reason Ed Seykota jumped off the page at me. Liked his spirit. I was headed to Tahoe for a vacation and remembered reading that he lived there. Okay, tracked him down.

Decided to reach out to him. Shot him an email and said thank you for all the work that he did to try to share with people and to bring them along toward a better life. Asked if we could meet and I could thank him in person and buy him a cup of coffee. He replied and said that he didn’t drink coffee but that he liked to ride his mountain bike and play music. He asked if I did either of those things.

In fact, I did ride a mountain bike and I do play guitar. He said well give me a call when you get up here. Let’s go for a ride and play some music, and we did. Was invited back to visit his trading tribe. Very cool experience.


You may also enjoy reading the Ed Seykota book on his trading rules.

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