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Hope all is well. I thought it was only appropriate to connect with you after listening to probably around 100 of your podcasts. I live in Silver Spring and every day on my commute to Exelon (energy company, where I work in Baltimore), I listen to your podcasts.

I am 27-years old now and for the past 4-5 years I have been learning how to trade based on technical analysis and price action. A few years ago, I learned that simple is better in terms of indicators/trade setups and risk management is key to not blowing up my account. My current strategy consists of two general trades; swing trades (buying on pullbacks to long term trend lines) and buying breakouts of consolidations or to new highs. The indicators I use are trend lines (horizontal/diagonal), volume, candlesticks, moving averages as support and resistance and relative strength vs the S&P 500.

After listening to many of your podcasts, the commonalities between the traders and portfolio managers are apparent and have become part of the way I think and part of my rules. I am emailing you for two reasons; firstly, to thank you for all the great podcasts and for giving me a place to hear from like-minded individuals. Secondly, I am trying to find a a mentor to help me find a way to turn my part time hobby/passion outside of work, into a career. Are there any trend following/price action based traders/portfolio managers that you know of in the Washington, DC metro area? Also, if you have some time, it would be great to talk with you.

Have a great weekend Sunday in Asia.


Thanks for the note. Many issues related to mentorship are sprinkled throughout my podcast monologues. Circle back on those. More thoughts on mentorship? The DIY effort seen across Godin blog–is highly recommended.

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