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Trend Following Feedback

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Dear Mr. Covel,

I have really enjoyed reading two of your books, Trend Following and The Complete TurtleTrader, over the 19 years that I have been involved in the markets and recently started listening to your podcasts. I am in the process of relocating to Singapore and it was from one of these podcasts that I learned you are currently there. Unfortunately, I am not there next week to attend the Bloomberg/MTA Singapore ‘Systematic Trading for Investment Professionals’ seminar, but would really appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and ask a few questions.

I first started in the markets in 1996 on LIFFE and relocated to Australia in 2002 where I was a futures broker for a couple of years [we used to execute (Turtle) Elizabeth Cheval’s EMC orders] and then I became a prop trader in 2005. I am now working for a company called [name] assisting one of the senior portfolio managers but am really keen to explore and learn more about trend trading, as from experience, I can see the benefits & upside of having predetermined entry and exit points based on price action.

Kind Regards,
Chris [Name]


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