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Feedback in:

I hope you are doing well on your journey. It has been a long time since we touched base. I have been incredibly busy to say the least, but at least I would say busy in a good way. I consider you one of my earliest mentors through your work that I have reviewed extensively. I will say that I have traveled some distance since that first introduction and continue to conduct rigorous research into the marriage between math/science and market mechanics. 2014 has been a very revealing year for me. I have realized a net ROI of approximately 80% in my retail futures account with a max drawdown of approximately 27%. I do not take this startup success for granted. My research has revealed that different market environments flatter different approaches. September-December has been interesting with the infusion of volatility into the markets benefiting my strategic and tactical approaches. I am also expanding on my arsenal of computer programming abilities as that is the language of mathematics in our day and age and essential for my further development as a market speculator. In 12 to 18 months I look forward to starting my own quant fund. I am enjoying this journey so much that I think this will likely become one of my life long endeavors. I wish you all the best and thank you for your immense contribution to my development as a trader. I look forward to speaking with you further when I am at a certain stage of my development as a money manager and perhaps meeting you in person one day as well.


Thanks for the nice note. Best of luck.

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