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Podcast Feedback

Feedback from one of my podcast guests:

Michael, thanks again for inviting me to do the podcast with you. I’ve had some wonderful discussions with listeners from far and wide (Australia, Japan, Argentina, etc..); it’s amazing how many people you’ve reached to help learn about trend following. Keep up the good work, and happy holidays!



Michael, plenty of good feedback and discussions. It’s refreshing to talk with people who already have a great understanding of trend following because they’ve read your books, listened to your podcast, etc. Might be worth looking into contacting [name] for a future podcast. He wrote a great book “[name]” that I just finished. A very popular book this year. I don’t know him at all, but he really explains momentum/trend following well, the history of it (mentions Seykota, Druz, Tudor Jones, etc…) and applies it to an equity/bond strategy that does very well. It’s much more focused on equity index momentum and not trend following managed futures, but the concepts are the same. Seems like a really smart dude and may make an interesting podcast.

Take care,


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