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Trend Following: Freedom and Opportunity

Feedback in:

Greetings Michael, My name is [Name] and I am a relatively new investor/trader. I have been unsuccessfully trading the stock market since early 2012. I have approximately $30K invested in the stock market and have seen that investment go down by $6K twice including today’s massive sell-off as well as up $8K twice. For some reason i keep making the same mistakes and I would appreciate some help with sticking to some rules. I really see myself as a trend follower because the stock market is very unpredictable. I would love for some help and guidance with this. I actually just finished your interview with Kevin Bruce and my goal in achieving high returns in the stock market is for “Freedom” and opportunity for various choices. I follow tweets from both you and Jon Boorman.


My options: books and podcast. Great place to start. Also, for more hand holding: go.

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