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S&P 500 Trading System

Feedback in:

Hi Michael…

Thank you for your comments on the S&P500 in podcast 271. Very good insight into the nature of the index and how it is used (or misused). As one of your guests said, buying and holding is like getting in a car with no brakes. I quote that to my clients frequently. When clients ask me what I think the market is going to do I always reply: “I have no clue what the market is going to do. But I know exactly what we are going to do in response to whatever the market does and that will make all the difference.” Once a client asked me, “Doesn’t the market just always go up?” I replied “Yes, the market always goes up. Sometimes.” This summer I made some road trips with my wife and daughter and I listened to about 2 dozen of the podcasts in the car. I am pleased that my 13-year old daughter got to absorb wisdom from the likes of Walter Williams and others. Your podcasts are a priceless gift to investors. An important benefit that I receive from them is confirmation that I am on the right track. Being a trend follower in a world brainwashed by Modern Portfolio Theory can be lonely. I have attached the first 20 months performance report from trading the S&P leveraged index funds using a trend following strategy.

Thanks for all you do.

You are welcome.

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