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Poor, Smart and a Desire to Succeed

I recently reached out to an old trend following friend for a research paper I could not find. This was our interchange:

Hope all is well in [City]. Give me an update! Hey do you have this by chance?

He responds:

Good to hear from you. Let me see if I can find this paper. Ask [Name] also, but the abstract matches our own internal research findings. The update on [Name] is that we’re doing very well. We successfully got past our […], currently running at [number] in annual revenue and growing quick, [number] employees, clear vision for the future. I see us growing to [number] AUM within 5 years. Please consider helping your own loyal followers and encourage your young people looking for opportunity to contact us if they are interested pursuing this industry as a career path. We take bets on unconventional people if they show aptitude. As an example our best [name] and our best [name] came to learn about us via your blog and podcasts. They moved here from far away places like [name] to pursue their dreams and now their lives have been positively changed for the better by joining the meritocracy of [Name]. You have the power to change peoples lives by simply making them aware of an opportunity which they do not know exists.

We’re looking for PSD’s (Poor, Smart with a Deep Desire to Succeed)

Thanks! Fun feedback.

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