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My Plan for Trend Following Mastery

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Good evening: My name is [Name] & I live in [Name]. I work for [Name] in their [Name] & [Name] offices. I’m reaching out because my goal in life is to be a full-time trader, but I need a mentor. [Name] offers a lot of resources, but I can’t seem to stay connected to an instructor long enough to actually learn this skill. Can you please help me? I will do whatever it takes to make this work. I want to be able to spend more time with my 4 kids & amazing wife that I’ve been with since we were 17. We’re 36. Thank you in advance for your time, [Name]

The first steps for everyone: here, here and here. This is the way I introduce and train people into trend following trading.

How can you move forward immediately to Trend Following profits? My books and my Flagship Course and Systems are trusted options by clients in 70+ countries.

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Trend Following is for beginners, students and pros in all countries. This is not day trading 5-minute bars, prediction or analyzing fundamentals–it’s Trend Following.

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