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Dr. Phil Doesn’t Work Here

A recent exchange:

Mary: I’ll start by mentioning that I love most of the podcasts. I am also so appreciative that you created the Broke dvd, and The Complete TurtleTrader book. Ironically, many of us that don’t follow the herd still like to know that there are others out there like us. I listened to podcast episode 231 recently, and I wanted to give feedback, because you asked your listeners to! Episode 231 felt to me like I was being subjected to an infomercial. Every time you mentioned the words ‘Trend Following’, I felt like I was being asked to send you a 10k check. Trend following is certainly the subject of that podcast, but it sounded more like a pitch for the program you are selling. I didn’t hear the specifics of the report you were discussing. I’m not implying anything negative about your program because I haven’t tried it, and I don’t mind that you are selling it, I just don’t want to get to the end of a 30 minute podcast and feel that I listened to a live ad. That being said I can usually trust and count on your podcasts to be very valuable and I am a lunchtime listener. It makes my day!

Mike: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. People can judge my world off one podcast, or more than one, or none. People can read my books and draw conclusions, or not. Thanks for your feedback.

Mary: Thanks for the response, but no response would have been better in this case. ‘Thanks for being a loyal listener!!’ Would have been more appropriate.

Not sure what to say. Dr. Phil I am not.

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