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Creating Your Own Trend Following Path

Nice feedback in:

“Hi Michael: I left you a voice-mail and wanted to follow up with an email. I started up a new systematic trading firm with [known trading name] and [known trading name]. We are in the final stages of launching. I wanted to run a few things past you. Many people are asking why start a systematic trading firm (trend following – various time frames) now. All I can say is that we see an opportunity of a lifetime and have figured out what works and what doesn’t. I have been a big fan of your books and over the last year the podcasts. In fact, your continued focus on trend following and entrepreneurship caused me to re-evaluate my focus and actually ignited the idea to create this new firm and build an eclectic team of veterans. I have had the privilege of working daily with [name] and [name] over the last few months and as we get ready to launch many of the true believers of our strategy have re-emerged. As we internally try to avoid the “noise” of the market and media, these investors seem to be following suite and going against the grain. Many of my former investors asked me to reassess the strategy a little over three years ago and I went on I quest to find the best systematic traders. What I ended up deducing was that I already knew the best traders and strategies, but like me, were compared to Madoff and SAC where returns were generated from a ponzi scheme or insider trading. What we sought to create was a disciplined methodology that was “liquid and transparent” – taking calculated risk based on price action, volatility and diversification. But NOT diversification for the sake of zeroing out return. Your last podcast with Markowitz stirred me to write this email because so much of what he was saying was part of our own methodology. The dialogues you are having on the podcasts are unlike anything else out there. Please keep it up! I know you are in Asia but please email back or call me anytime at [phone] so we can arrange a Skype. I really look forward to speaking with you. All the best…[name].”

Thanks. Look forward to the call.

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