Trend Following Goes By Many Names

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Hi Michael, I just sent you a friend request, I don’t really use Facebook, not very schooled up on appropriate. Facebook told me I should know you personally to friend you…guess I’ll find out.

You’re on it. I have been listening to you for the past couple months and all I have to say is AMEN brother. Trend following has always been my goal though it hasn’t been until recently I knew it as “trend following”. I’d love to chat sometime but I know you’re a busy guy bringing to light the best for a lot of people.

Learning/trading/systems testing has been my life for the last year and a half. Lonely…nobody gets it. And yet, they are all heading for the same inevitable retirement scenario…there isn’t one, at least for your conventional 9-5er’s. I could rant, but you know it already…

At the sure chance I’ll be preaching to the choir, I would love to hear something on managing 401k’s from a trend following perspective. There are some interesting challenges in 401K’s. Holding periods/penalties and most only offer a specific list of investment options. This is something I am currently beginning to work on for mine and my wife’s retirement accounts, I am sure I can increase the returns with backtested timing models.

Anyway, thanks for your work.


Welcome! Some retirement information on the podcast in the near future. Good point.

You might like my 2017 epic release: Trend Following: How to Make a Fortune in Bull, Bear and Black Swan Markets (Fifth Edition). Revised and extended with twice as much content. Out April 24th 2017.

One thought on “Trend Following Goes By Many Names

  1. Justin: All you really need to know, to manage your money, is when the trend of the market changes direction. I call it Market Timing and I have been accurately doing that for over 40 years. Then pick an investment vehicle like the S&P 500 and go back to sleep. Michael has some kind words to say about me on my web page. I am willing to help you and anyone else.
    Jim Rohrbach, RIA

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