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Ep. 218: Sam Polk Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Sam Polk
Sam Polk

Michael Covel speaks with Sam Polk on today’s podcast. A friend of Covel’s that has previously been on the podcast, Peter Borish, recommended that Covel speak with Polk. Polk wrote an interesting op-ed in the New York Times called “For The Love of Money”. Polk is a former wall street banker who walked away after making millions. Today, Polk runs a non-profit to help the poor understand nutrition. However, his op-ed is definitely controversial. Covel and Polk discuss the intensity surrounding the reaction to Polk’s op-ed piece; reactions from friends and colleagues about the article; envy and jealousy in the Wall Street world; Polk’s background and life growing up; filtering cultural messages; the line between individual responsibility and being part of a system; crony capitalism; power dynamics; the mythology of risk-taking in America; the solution for the investment banks out there; and Polk’s non-profit which he runs today.

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